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Qiyang Co., Ltd. and Changshu Institute of Technology jointly applied for the "Water-based Antirust

According to the “Notice of the Office of the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province on Doing a Good Job in the Application of the 2018 College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program” (Su Jiao Gao Han ﹝2018﹞ No. 9), in order to stimulate the creativity of college students, cultivate and create “mass entrepreneurship,As a new force of innovation, Changshu Institute of Technology organized and applied for the 2018 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program. Qiyang actively promoted this work and jointly applied for the “Water-based Antirust Liquid Product Development” school with the School of Chemistry and Material Engineering of Changshu Institute of Technology.The enterprise cooperation fund project, after preliminary review, review, and defense, was finally approved at the provincial level and submitted for record on the "Jiangsu Province College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program Platform".

The school-enterprise cooperation fund project is to encourage colleges and universities to innovate production-university-research cooperative education mechanisms, cooperate with enterprises to establish innovation and entrepreneurship training projects, encourage enterprises to independently establish projects and fund colleges and universities to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship training projects for college students, and break down the latest industry needs and actual production problemsTransformed into specific projects or open topics set up by enterprises for students to conduct innovation and entrepreneurship training and practice, and cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents for industrial development.

Innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students is an important link in cultivating applied talents.In order to cultivate students' ability to solve complex application (engineering) problems, the R&D team of Qiyang Co., Ltd. and the teachers of Changshu Institute of Technology will jointly guide the student innovation team to complete the "Water-based Antirust Liquid Product Development" project.This type of project will be jointly organized by Changshu Institute of Technology and Qiyang Co., Ltd. to complete the acceptance, and complete the transformation of results and market promotion.

Qiyang Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education, and carried out a series of in-depth cooperation in production, education and research with local colleges and universities. The boost to university students' innovative research is also another important measure of Qiyang Co., Ltd. in serving the society.

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