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VCI Film

VCI Film


VCI Film

  KEYSUN VCI film is made with super quality LDPE&LLDPE combining with KEYSUN Master batch that provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for ferrous&non-ferrous metals in shipping and storage.

  We can provide you VCI film,VCI Shrink film,VCI stretch film,VCI bubble film,VCI anti-static film,VCI anti-UV film.
  KEYSUN VCI BAGS are also available in a variety of forms such as: VCI bag, VCI zipper bags, VCI gusset bag, VCI heat sealable bag, VCI anti-static bag, VCI shrink bag, VCI bubble bag, VCI 3D bag,VCI foam bag and custom size bag.


Metal Protection




Ferrous and Non-ferrous


Available in various sized rolls, sheets, tubing and bags. Available colors: Blue, Yellow,Green, White clear&Pink. Additional colors are available upon request.Standard

thickness is from 0.02mm to 0.3mm.



Ferrous metals,Iron&Steels


VCI Shrink Film for most

non-ferrous metals



VCI Shrink Film

KEYSUN2100-S VCI Shrink film is made from premium 100% virgin LDPE resin mixing with Anti-UV and VCI master batch(3%).This kind of shrink wrapping film can provide maximum VCI&UV inhibitors and maximum protection for machines&equipment.We can customize the sizes, the Max width 5400mm, thickness(0.03mm to 0.3mm).Available colors white and blue or Transparent.


Test Mothod GB
Thickness 0.15mm(150microns)
Tear strength (grams/micron): CD 5.76 MD 4.16
Elongation (%) TD 1457, MD 1258
Tensile strength (MPa)   TD 70.25 ,MD 63.18

Chemical Properties
Form Plastic rolls/sheets
Colour As required
Odour   Slight
Melting Point > 115℃
Ignition Temperature > 115℃
Solids Content   100%
pH   7-8

Recommended for         

Metal: Copperr

Zinc and zinc galvaniezd Steel
Provides Complete protection in contact and vapor phases for the above metals

Storage / Shelf Life
Storage: Store indoors at moderate temperatures5—35 C. Keep packing closed and store away from heat sources, in dry and cool place.
Materials should be kept in original packaging or equivalent during storage.
Shelf Life: up to 18 or 24 months, when stored indoors at moderate temperatures.


This technical data sheet is based on GB test method. All products manufactured by KEYSUN are warranted to be first class and
Free from and defects in material and workmanship. Liability under this warranty is limited to the net purchase price of any of such products
Proven defective or at our option to the repair or replacement of said products upon their return to us transportation prepaid. We guarantee the
Anti-rust term is more 2 years on the basis of right operation.


1. Spare parts of car and motorcycle;

2. Mechanical spare parts, medical machinery, precision instrument, cast iron pieces and aviation parts;

3. Various hardware and powder metallurgy;

4. Various electric tools, measuring tools and cutting tools;

5. Various bearing, clutch, motor and valve;

6. Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, steel phosphatization, steel nitridation, steel flange, powder metallurgy, orientation silicon steel, and non-orientation silicon steel, etc.