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Anti-rust principle

Anti-rust principle


VCI is the abbreviation of English Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, it is a kind of volatile corrosion inhibitor, referred to as vaporizing anti-rust product.

When the packaged objects are packaged with gasification antirust products, the antirust particles of the antirust products gasify into gas, forming a protective film on the metal surface, cutting off the possibility of metal ions contacting water and oxygen, so as to achieve the antirust effect. At the same time, for other anti-rust products, the biggest difference of our company's anti-rust products is that the gas diffusion amount of the anti-rust particles inside the packaging is automatically adjusted. When the temperature or temperature increases, the diffusion amount of the anti-rust particles Otherwise, the diffusion of rust-preventing particles will decrease. However, when the inner and outer world is relatively stable, the rust-preventing particles will temporarily stop volatilizing to the outside and maintain an optimal rust-preventing state until the outside world again. When it changes, the anti-rust particles will volatilize again to automatically adjust the gas concentration inside the package, so that the package is always in the most stable anti-rust state.

Rust production

Anti-rust principle