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Public Welfare

Public Welfare


I would like to transform into a stone bridge,

withstand the wind for 500 years;

Five hundred years of sunshine and five hundred

years of rain, only to ask her to walk on the stone


The body is a bodhi tree, and the heart is like

a mirror table. Always try to avoid getting dusty.

Bodhi does not have a tree, and a mirror is not

a platform.

There is nothing in it, so there is no place to attract dust.

The highest state of an entrepreneur is a


Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all


Helping means helping others, and loving others

equals loving yourself.

Charity is the long march, always on the road, charity

is happiness, and never enjoy it.

It seems to help others, but it actually

improves oneself,

One kind of dedication, one kind of dedication, is

the purification of one's own soul.

Qiyang people's unremitting pursuit: strong will,

tenacious perseverance,

Open mind, profound knowledge, strong physique,

harmonious interpersonal relationship.

The ideal person must not only satisfy material


It must also be manifested in the satisfaction of

spiritual purport.

Charity and dear ones, but it shouldn't

stop there.
Love is the flame of life, without her, everything

becomes dark.

The existence of the world depends on it

as nourishment.

Where the flower of love blooms, life can thrive.

Love does not grow old, it retains eternal

flame and eternal brilliance