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Development Path


Ten years of gratitude

Years go without trace,

Yoyo Ten Years Road,

Looking back,

Qiyang is ten years old,

The first year of the 21st century,

Qiyang out of Yangcheng Lake,

Play the corporate growth march…

Ten years road,

Through the wind and rain, the years are endless,

There has been a scorching sun on the muddy trails,

There have been thunderous cheers and a wall of honor.

Ten years,

Adhering to the concept of "Hengzhi, pragmatic, innovative and collaborative" Cross the gullies and achieve dreams.

Ten years,

From growing seedlings and breaking the soil to deep roots and leaves,

Every step of success depends on the recognition and tolerance of friends and customers;

It depends on the unity and hard work of Qiyang people, the courage to innovate, and the fearless transcendence.

Ten years of Qiyang and ten years of grace,

Ten years history,

Ten years of responsibility.

Qiyang people have been practicing,

"Continuously seeking benefits for employees

Continuously create value for society"

A wonderful decade, from chasing dreams to reality.

Qiyang people always have an upward and grateful heart;

Grateful to the society, thank you for being in an era where opportunities are everywhere;

Grateful to customers, thank you for your sincere care and support over the past ten years;

Grateful friends, thank you for sending charcoal in the snow when you are in adversity;

Grateful to the employees, thank everyone for being Qiyang on the road

Silent dedication colleagues.

Recalling the past is passion, dream, and responsibility

In the future, Qiyang people will continue to use enthusiasm and perseverance

With gratitude to welcome a glorious tomorrow。