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Water-based anti-rust fluid

Water-based anti-rust fluid


Water-based anti-rust fluid

1、Product description

KS-VCI series rust preventive fluid is a new type of environmentally friendly vapor phase rust preventive agent used to replace rust preventive oil and grease. It is a kind of concentrated liquid. According to different anti-rust requirements and products used, different proportions of KS-VCI can be added to deionized water for dilution, and different concentrations of working liquid can be used.

2、Technical parameterKS-VCI377N

3、Usage and adding ratio

Can use spraying, brushing, soaking and other methods.

(1) It is used for boiler and cylinder water pressure test or cleaning agent to increase the anti-rust function. You can choose to add 1% -3% VCI water-based anti-rust liquid.

(2) Short-term rust prevention, within 1 month, the recommended addition ratio is 2%-3%. Appropriate increase or decrease according to actual usage.

(3) Medium- and short-term rust prevention, 1-3 months, the recommended addition ratio is 3%-5%, increase or decrease appropriately according to actual usage

(4) Mid-term rust prevention, 3 months-December, the recommended addition ratio is 5%-10%, which should be increased or decreased according to actual use.

(5) Long-term rust prevention, 12-24 months, the recommended addition ratio is 10%-20%, and increase or decrease appropriately according to the actual use.

Soaking: soak the product to be processed in the liquid for 1-5 minutes and pick it up to dry or dry.

Spray: Use a high-pressure water gun or hand-pressure spray can to spray on the product to be processed, and dry or dry.

Brushing: Use a brush to evenly brush the VCI water-based anti-rust solution on the surface of the product to be treated, and dry or dry.

After drying or drying, put it into a packaging bag, and then seal it for storage.

4 Main features of KS-VCI water-based anti-rust fluid

(1) It has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of metals and their combinations. Better anti-rust for ferrous metals.

(2) Environmental protection, biodegradable, no harmful substances such as nitrite, carboxylate and phosphate.

(3) It has gas phase anti-rust performance, can protect the surface of the unpainted part, simple operation and easy to remove.

(4) The anti-rust period can be up to two years.

(5) Easy to use and low cost.

(6) A protective film is formed on the metal surface, which generally does not affect the later painting or welding of the metal.

(7) There will be no crystallization, flow marks, white spots and other undesirable phenomena on the workpiece after use.

5、Operation guidance

(1) Recommended process of KS-VCI series water-based anti-rust liquid

Degreasing → water washing → rust removal → water washing → rust prevention → drying

(2) During use, in order to maintain sufficient concentration of the working fluid, concentrate should be added in due course.

(3) After drying, add vapor phase anti-rust bag, anti-rust paper and other anti-rust packaging aids, the anti-rust period is longer and the anti-rust effect is better.

6、Model and function

7、Packaging and storage:

Packing: 25kg/barrel, 50kg/barrel, also can be customized.

Storage: Sun protection and antifreeze, indoor storage, pay attention to airtight.