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Anti-rust auxiliary materials

Anti-rust auxiliary materials


Aluminum-plastic composite film

Such products are suitable for large-scale precision mechanical equipment, wind power facilities, large-scale equipment, etc. The four-layer structure has good water and oxygen barrier functions. The packaging bags of different specifications and styles can be customized according to customer requirements, and can be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles.


Desiccant is also called absorbent. It is used to prevent moisture and mildew. It has a drying effect. It is a water remover that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Its drying principle is to physically adsorb water molecules on its own structure. Or through chemical means to absorb water molecules and change their chemical structure to become another substance.

Desiccants include silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieves, activated carbon, charcoal, and mineral desiccants.

 VCI buffer package

It has both anti-rust function and shock absorption function. It is an auxiliary material in the process of anti-rust transportation. Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

 VCI Desiccant

VCI desiccant is a kind of multifunctional desiccant prepared by special production process based on natural minerals and vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. It not only can super absorb water, but also has excellent vapor phase rust resistance. , Is a new type of anti-corrosion product that replaces the original silica gel, montmorillonite and other desiccants. It is suitable for the anti-rust of iron or non-ferrous metal products and materials.

 VCI box

VCI anti-rust box, also known as VCI anti-rust box, is an improved product of VCI anti-rust powder. Its main feature is that it has self-adhesiveness and can stick to any angle and position of the product. Used in switch boxes and relay boxes; non-ferrous and ferrous metal castings and forgings; machine parts and parts; automation parts, etc.

VCI tablet

VCI anti-corrosion tablet is a VCI anti-corrosion material in the form of a tablet. It is a mixture of a variety of VCI corrosion inhibitors and excipients. It has an excellent anti-rust effect on metals.

 Neutral paraffin paper

Processed paper coated with wax on the surface is used to wrap things to prevent moisture. Very high moisture resistance and water resistance and grease penetration resistance.

Product Type

1)、According to quantitative points: 40G 60G 80G etc.

2)、According to the coating method: single-sided waxed paper and double-sided waxed paper

3)、Divided by purpose: food wax paper and industrial wax paper

 Anti-rust strip

Add VCI anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor to the plastic to form a strip, which is both rust-proof and beautiful. Used in safes, electric control cabinets, wind power facilities, etc.

 Anti-rust sheet

Add VCI anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor to the cardboard to make it into a sheet, which is practical and beautiful. Used in gift boxes, electrical equipment, etc.