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Keysun Additives

Keysun Additives


1. Keysunvpi vapor phase corrosion inhibitor

Keysunvpi vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is a kind of rust inhibitor that volatilizes to the metal surface through vaporization, thereby increasing the metal's oxidation and corrosion resistance. Keysunvpi does not contain nitrite and is a green and environmentally friendly high-tech product. Its appearance has effectively replaced the nitrite dicyclohexylamine which is highly toxic and harmful to human health in the domestic market.

2. Scope of application

1. Keysunvpi gas phase corrosion inhibitor can be used for anti-corrosion protection of pipelines, boilers, ship cavities, wind power facilities, bridge generator sets, etc.

2. Keysunvpi vapor phase corrosion inhibitor also has a wide range of applications in the military industry, high-speed rail components, equipment machinery, medical equipment, aviation components, and electronics industries.

3. Usage and precautions

1. The amount of Keysunvpi used: 90g/m3

2. Keysunvpi should be used in a confined space, and the space should be sealed in time after Keysunvpi gas phase corrosion inhibitor is placed.

3. The anti-rust period of Keysunvpi is more than 2 years, and the longest can reach 5 years.

4. Please wear gloves when working; wash your hands immediately after working.

5. Prevent contact with open flame during and after operation.

6. The effective static play distance of Keysunvpi is 30cm, pay attention to reasonable configuration when placing it.