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Keysun called you to draft the standard...

There are currently no relevant national standards or industry standards for water-based anti-rust liquids, but the application market for water-based anti-rust liquids is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more product types.There is no uniform technical standard, and the technical parameters and performance of the water-based anti-rust liquid products of different brands are different, making the product inspection and testing have no basis, and the inspection results have no credibility, and customers are not assured of using them.

In 2020, Suzhou Qiyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. applied to the Standards Committee of China Surface Engineering Association for the establishment of the "Water-based Anticorrosive Liquid" standard, which has been successfully approved.

In order to solicit opinions extensively and effectively improve the quality and level of the "Water-based Antirust Liquid" standard, experts and teachers and enterprises are now invited to participate in the drafting of the "Water-based Antirust Liquid" standard.Qiyang has been awarded the "Water-based Antirust Liquid" standard drafting working group. Qiyang hopes to complete the standard formulation with experts, teachers and enterprises in the industry and make some contributions to the development of water-based antirust liquid.Please contact the Qiyang Standards Working Group as soon as possible with the experts, teachers and enterprises who are interested in participating.Discuss specific cooperation matters after communication.

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